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Tina Klaeger 3 years ago
An anal creampie is required for a girl to show that she is committed to a relationship. There is zero risk of pregnancy. Plus, if she fingers the anal creampie and swallows some of the cum, she gets extra brownie points.
5 hole 3 years ago
Interesting how her butthole already had some lubes on it when he pulled the sheets back.
3 years ago
This guy has got to be one of the luckiest men on the planet! I sure hope he married that girl asap!!!!
Franz 1 year ago
Im just here for the comments.
Chromeman 3 years ago
I love seeing cum oozing from a sweet asshole
3 years ago
She is perfect
asseater 3 years ago
When i creampie my wife like this.. her bff always cleans it up. Then i get her asshole too.
Truth 3 years ago
One very blessed man! Gorgeous ass and adorable owner! Her hole is very sexy and she certainly knows how to take anal. had this been me with her, that ass would have been licked clean once i was done! So hot!
Mike 3 years ago
Damn I want to fuck a lady in her ass I'm so hard right now, thanks.
spottedzebra 2 years ago
That is a very fine butthole.